Wednesday Wisdom

What is it like to have a photographic (eidetic) memory?

This question was recently asked on Quora and saw a lot of responses from people who wanted to share their experiences with eidetic memory, both the good and the bad.

The theme throughout the answers was that having an eidetic memory, or even just a better-than-average memory, can be a huge blessing, but it can also be a burdensome curse. One respondent even began his description with a one-word sentence: “Painful”. He goes on to explain that while he has never had to read a textbook more than once when studying, it was not as good of a gift as one would imagine; his hunger for knowledge is never satiated and he continuously yearns for more and more. Other respondents echo those remarks, stating that their study skills are terrible because they’ve never had to use them and they put themselves down if they don’t ace a test because they know they easily could have.

It is an interesting concept to look into because many do not imagine that having a superb memory has downsides. Read the full discussion on Quora here.

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