Wednesday Wisdom: Your Thoughts and Your Reality

Finals are upon university students across the United States… So, what can help one get through the week? How can one be less stressed about their final exams?

Let’s start with something so simple, it seems complicated. Your mind. How your mind shapes your reality can truly make a difference, not only in your everyday life, but in your academic life. Adjusting your attitude towards your finals can make a significant difference in your performance and your results.

This article discusses the science of the mind and how, “Thoughts are like film. The brain is the projector. Physical reality is the screen.”

Through visualization, the amazing grades that one desires have a higher chance of materializing. Once one takes action to do the work, though. This isn’t something that necessarily happens overnight. It comes with a commitment to alter ingrained beliefs, while changing ingrained attitudes that one has towards themselves; one can change their conditioned ways of thinking.

The purpose of these exercises is to change one’s thoughts, to alter their conditioned attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, etc. in order to envision positive outcomes.

Affirmations are something that aid one in this process of developing a more positive outlook, which is another aspect of this article.

Curious to know more? Check out the article here.

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