Wednesday Wisdom: Creativity and Life

What makes someone different? How can individuals set themselves apart? Ideas, thoughts, vision… All of which tie into one’s creative abilities.

In an article concentrating on the work of Sir Ken Robinson, referencing his lectures, books, and other quotations, it addresses that creativity is a process. Creating something of value is a process. There is no free lunch. If one is persistent and diligent with their craft, developing a ritual to achieve their vision, then the results will unfold. One must find ways to express their abilities, in order to further develop a desired skill such as creativity.

One must test their comfort zone, explore the unknown, and erase one’s fear of criticism in order to reach their creative potential.

Some questions that the article highlights:

  • Are You Prepared to be Wrong?
  • How Curious and Imaginative Are You Being?
  • How High Are You Aiming in Life?
  • What Beliefs, Ideas, Ideals and Thoughts Do You Hold?

Through providing personal insight, the writer provides a way for the reader to connect to the philosophy of Robinson’s discoveries on creativity. Robinson is a leading scholar who has brought light to various subjects, with focus in creative expression, education, human intelligence, and talent. If you’re intrigued, check out the article here.

“Human consciousness is shaped by the ideas, beliefs and values that we derive from our experiences and through the meaning which we derive from them. Our ideas can liberate or imprison us.” 
- Sir Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

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