Al Jardine & David Marks of The Beach Boys Tour with Mental Mojo

It may be a little cold out for surfing, but Al Jardine and David Marks of The Beach Boys are still touring with their sunny songs. Al Jardine, David Marks and Brian Wilson are big fans of Mental Mojo and brought it on tour with them these past few months. Al Jardine said that he could see a lot of older gentlemen such as himself use it to improve their memory. Some of the key active ingredients that are great for increasing retention are also used to treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

If only Mental Mojo was around thirty years ago chances are the hit song, “Kokomo”, would have been called “Mental Mojo.” In honor of The Beach Boys, get yourself some Mental Mojo with the promo code “Kokomo”, and you’ll be writing songs in no time.




Photo Credit: Edison Graff

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